UFO Sightings Intense Alien Abduction Scenarios USAF Capt. Shocking Report!

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Thirdphaseofmoon's Dr. J Andy Ilias held a powerhouse roundtable on revolution radio 3/20/14 right before Yvonne Smith's event which speakers including Travis Walton, Captain Robert Salas & Charylene McCain all spoke about their intense abduction scenarios, with this being only the 2nd time USAF Capt. Salas talked about his abduction: the first being live on revolution radio in 11/13 as he shocked listeners talking am about being taken 18 years after the 1967 Malstrom AFB nuclear missile shutdown. And of course Travis Walton's story & take on the phenomenon is incredible & new insights. Charyelene's stories of her alien abduction describe among others, trash can looking beings & other intense stories. Add in world-renowned alien abduction specialist Yvonne Smith, & this is just one of many more shows you could hear live with awesome guests, such as these, on thirdphaseofmoon radio Thursdays 8-10 pm eastern time (GMT-5) studio A & ask the guests a question at 818-923-1713. Also, do you have a UFO story or want to comment on something? Speak to Blake Cousins on thirdphaseofmoon live Fridays midnight eastern time 347-934-0378. And if you captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook at thirdphaseofmoon & also check out And thanks to Dave Matherly for helping in the production of getting this radio show to you, the thirdphaseofmoon viewer. YOU are the key to disclosure & it is happening right now by you watching thirdphaseofmoon, talking about, sharing it to new people, calling in to our shows & for sending us video. Thirdphaseofmoon thanks you, the viewer for helping us get the word out that we are not alone! Keep your eyes in the sky & we will catch you next time.

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