Mirage Men New UFO Documentary for 2014

New ufo documentary for 2014 folks and it's called Mirage Men. This is a documentary that basically talks about what great lengths our government goes to disinform the public about UFOs and aliens. Great Ufologists such as Linda Moulton Howe and Richard Dolan comment on the subject. I really didn't mention anything about Richard Dolan in my video, but I'm really grateful he contributed to the ufo documentary. Some of the stuff he said was very interesting, it makes you think, like if our government and aliens are monitoring us after bits of information is released to us. Do they pshcologically feed on us? It just seems like the skies the limit now with to actually meet an official disinformant agent to come clean about Richard Doty really didn't say a whole lot about UFOs, but he sure had a lot of stories to tell about disinforming the public. It's obvious the government will go great lengths to keep things covered up, even if that means driving people to an insane asylum, like Paul Bennewitz.

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