UFO SIGHTINGS: Morphing ORBS & CIGAR UFO SWARM! 20+ Sightings Newport Beach CA MARCH 2014

Filmed on March 18 thru March 26, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach CA. The video covers 20+ UFO captures filmed during the day and night. We highlighted select clips with digital filters to enhance the images. The video features various kinds of Orbs, Rods, Cigar ufos, a Morphing UFO, an Orb with a Forcefield, and a large Swarm of Cigar UFOs filmed over Newport footage was captured with a Canon 7D camera and Canon Telephoto Lens EF 100-400mm, with 2 extender, and a Sony HX3-NX3 camcorder, with Gen 3 LRS Scout for Night the length I've broken down each capture to time Ascending: 0:26Horseshoe Orb: 1:02Slow Mo Orb: 1:39Double Orb: 2:13Rods/Skyfish/Cigars: 2:48Night Vision Orb: 3:46Night Vision Orbs 2: 4:18Morphing Orbs: 4:45Orb Maneuvers: 5:21Rod up close: 6:01UFO Swarm 1: 6:28UFO Swarm 2: 6:51UFO Swarm 3: 7:06Force Field UFO: 7:38Filmed by Jim Martin and edited by Anik Dang. Music and score by Lewis beats by Malcolm Kirby again for watching!MORPHING ANGEL ORB UFO, MARCH 2014: UFOS & ORBS FEB 2014: Triangle Formation JAN 2014: & RODS High activity Christmas Day: to Summon UFOS by Robert Bingham: Craft with ET Pilot- Nov 2013: SHIP-FLYING SAUCER: V Shape Craft OCT 2013: Sighting Plasma ORB Clear Footage HD: Summoning Event South Gate CA: Double Orbs OCT 2013:

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