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This is the 2nd half of last week's interview with the Abel Danger team. David Hawkins was dropped off the call midstream so we elected to bring him back on his own this filmed live on Camelot's livestream channel. Background:'s bio: below for more links and #blog_subscription-2 Hawkins: Bio David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE Vancouver, , Canada Tel: 604 542-0891 Send email to David HawkinsAbel Danger White House Yahoo GroupHawks CAFE Yahoo GroupFocus: Forensic Economics for Disaster Analysis and Virtual-Reality PrototypingDavid Hawkins offers keynote speeches, workshops or consultancy on the projects belowAcademic Record First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cambridge UniversityDiploma in Industrial Management, Cambridge Scholarship, Queens' College, Cambridge University, for outstanding academic performance in Applied Mathematics and Thermodynamics (Science of Waste and Chaos)Current Projects: Hawks CAFE -- David Hawkins launched the 'Citizens Association of Forensic Economists' in British Columbia in 2003 as an asset tracking network to monitor impact of government laws and programs on public debt, personal assets and individual rights. Hawks CAFE brings a scientific discipline to help local experts expose 'off-book' debt, combat crime and fraud and optimize the use of assets in water, energy, transport, shelter, defence, food, forestry and fisheries -- David developed Independent-Benchmark Asset Tracking as a simulation tool to help citizens and their elected representatives scope political corruption and visualize waste or fraud by all orders of government, including NATO, NORAD, the European Union, United Nations. I-BAT tracks the source and application of assets through blind trusts and off-book partnerships used as in the case of Enron to hide debt, evade taxes, enrich insiders and launder -- David designed the Elevated Adaptable Zero-Emission trackway as a regional transportation, real-estate and communication network using a proprietary plug-and-play monorail with "cool" energy from renewable power and proven technologies and business Computing Machine -- invented, designed and built by David Hawkins for 'virtual-reality' prototyping to emulate domain experts by learning, understanding, effect propagation, conflict resolution and justification. The DCM generates virtual prototypes, matching data from the real-world and users can adapt a selected prototype to maximise probability of it being "true". Kerry see:

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