3 April 2014 Queen meets Pope in Rome: Moai Kings Warrant arrest them

Jaymie Ngatai and me are putting a website together http://www.moaipowerhous.com together that comprises MOAI ROYAL BANK used to deposit money and other merchandise cargo and land seized or bought using Fraud conveyancing instruments of illegal Admiralty Law and Banks that have usurped the Kings Royal Revenue we are legally seizing back with Kings Bench and Magistrate Warrant Orders. And MOAI POWER HOUSE BANK to deposit money for Moai Tidal Electric Hydrogen Jet and Rocket Engine Fuels. Deposited and invested in our 2 MOAI BANK ACCOUNTS in France. Operating under French TagPay Mobile Phone Patented Systems for all countries in the world now on our website. To use these 2 MOAI BANKS Banks with GBP British Pound Sterling Notes. 99% of the currency operates Electronically using a BANK IN A BOX Accounting system that has no Banks and no Branches all over the globe just a cheap mobile phone. From here we take our King William IV Moai Crown State Legal Native Historic Doctrines of Discovery Moai Statue Title as Land owner Confederation Contracts to France as Security of Interest Title then onto Scotland to Authenticate King William IV Scottish Land Titles under the Ships Master Patrick Stewart Title and Jaymie who is from this Bloodline Inheritance Scottish Written Authenticated King William IV Great Sovereign Seal Flag Title links to Westminster Parliament as of right. Now I am there in Scotland as the Moai Wanoa Royal Family State Memorial Title to all tMoai Pacific Ring of Fire Boundary area of our King Sealed Authenticated Doctrines Documents of Native Customary Discovery Title Claims. We then Settle the Un Refuted Admiralty Court Martial Bench Arrest Warrant Claims that Moai Crown State Court Marshall's and Sheriffs legally put through Westminster Parliament under our Legal Commercial Bank Trading Bank and Defense Force Partnership with the British Government Secretary of State Phillip Hammond. We expect he will confirm the Levy Debtor Charged against the Church and State Crown Corporation Queen of England Elizabeth Windsor, Black Pope of Rome Adlofo Nicolas Pachon and his White Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Guglio) Vatican City as the prime Moai Default Convicted Criminal Felon Conspirators. Once the Act of Parliament is passed into Law the British Military and its Allies Overcome the Queens Bench and Counsel its Accountancy Revenue Tax Income Statement books and Ledgers dating back to 1830 and seize all their Assets Gold Land Minerals bank Accounts Property Businesses land Stolen Treasures Art Memorials and lock them all up. This money assets treturns the Moai Crown Confederation Countries of the world Co Operative members in teh shares that they all buy through MOAI ROYAL BANK TagPay and Mobile Phone 1 minute BANK transactions. Then Moai Crown State President sever King William IV Great Sovereign Seal Flag of Admiralty and Jurisdiction and transfer these powers to King Jeffery Ross Foley Admiralty of King Thomas Foley, and that is the end of it. Now the UNS Federal State Government and the other Commonwealth Countries have no more Admiralty Court Martial Authority as the new King Foley will have a new Commercial Contract with Moai Crown State President and Legal MOAI ROYAL BANK Owners. Your now set free! NO MORE Authenticated Admiralty Court Law to Great Warrants that create WAR! The Church of Rome and England are BURNT with their SATAN PRIEST GOD Forever.

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