'US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest in Cuba' [PressTV]

US media have exposed a scheme by Washington to stir political unrest in Cuba-- this time through social media. An investigation by the Associated Press says the Obama administration has been secretly financing a social network program in Cuba to undermine the country's government.

AP says the program-- named the Cuban Twitter-- has been able to evade the country's Internet restrictions by creating a text-messaging service that could be used to organize political rallies. It would then draw-in tens of thousands of subscribers-- with people unaware that the US government is behind this all. AP says its investigations showed the U-S Agency for International Development-- USAID-- has gone to extensive lengths to conceal its involvement in the program. It says USAID set up front-companies overseas and routed money through a Cayman Islands bank to hide the funding it supplied to support the so-called Cuban Twitter program.

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