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'High Priestess' [Path of the Fool Series © Michael Tsarion]

Michael Tsarion's master class in Tarot symbolism continues with an analysis of the High Priestess. See below for more links... Complete Series Page Main Website Facebook (for comments) Path of the Fool (Book of Card Meanings) Taroscopic Mystery School Taroscopic System (Intro Video) MAIN PROGRAM REFERENCES Diana (Goddess) Artemis Gimel Persephone Forbidden Fruit Pluto Nekyia (Amenta) Lady of the Lake Perseus Femme Fatale Sirius Brigit Sarasvati Nisaba Nuith Ardhinari Ishvara Temple of Solomon Asherah Cailleach Dialectical Monism Nun (Nu) Tiamat Cessair Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom) Pieta Light, Magic, Masonry ppendices/lightmagicmasonry.html Anima (Carl Jung) Intuition Race Memory Hygeia Hieros Gamos Jacob Bohme Taijitu (Yin Yang) Trees of Life (Book)

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