India/Pakistan: 'Kashmir seeks autonomy' [Reporter's File @ PressTV]

Applications for US unemployment benefits rose in the second week of March, but remained near the lowest level since the end of the recession almost five years ago, according to the latest government figures.
Initial jobless claims climbed by 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 320,000 from March 9 to 15, the Labor Department said Thursday.

- At a time when borders have become irrelevant and many countries are embracing each other, India and Pakistan have decided to take their dispute to another level. The Indian government plans to build a wall in Kashmir to separate the southwestern portion of the disputed region from Pakistan.

- Child mortality continues to be a serious problem in India. The International Vaccine Access Center says India loses more than 400,000 children annually before the age of five to easily preventable diseases.

- The world may never again see the like of China's ghost cities. Every province of the nation now has at least one giant new but empty town.

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