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'Happy Mind / How To Survive Mind Control' [Cathy O'Brien @ FreeYourMind2]


  • Lotharion#

    Lotharion April 7, 2014 10:24:46 AM CEST

    She talks about herself without end but gives no real data on techniques or technology of how mind control is done. It does not lead to any solution in this way. To me it is a cry for sympathy and compassion, not a rallying cry - and very far from informative at that.
    This speech on how to handle mind control looks like it has taken a page from the David Icke "reptilians feed on hatred" theory and then stating "do not hate but love each other" as a solution. This kind of thing, even if ever so well-intended, only adds to the mountains of confusions and fakes that are poured out over us day in day out. But she has the stage! A missed opportunity to really state something that works.
    Being abused is very very important to her as a datum but of no interest or consequence to the audience. About 10 to 20% of all women have been sexually abused in their family circle. About 20% of all women have been abused or raped some time in their lives. And this is data in civilised Western Europe. In Africa, especially in the gold coast coutnries, the percentages are much higher, or so I have been told. What else is new?
    Quite aside from this, people do not think with their brain but with their mind. The mind uses the brain to control and direct the body, that's all. Try to figure it out for yourself with actual data sometime. E.g. there is no process in the brain that is fast enough for people to be able to talk, yet people talk. How come?

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