Malaysia Flight 370: New signal sounds 'just like' one from a plane's beacon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CNN) -- After a month of searching, investigators now have their "most promising" lead yet in finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A pinger locator in the Indian Ocean has detected signals consistent with those emitted by aircraft black boxes, the head of the Joint Agency Coordination Center said Monday. The sounds were heard at a depth of 4,500 meters (about 14,764 feet), retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said. "We've got a visual indication on a screen, and we've also got an audible signal. And the audible signal sounds to me just like an emergency locator beacon," Houston said. But it could take days before officials can confirm whether the signals did indeed come from the plane, which went missing March 8 with 239 people on board. "Nothing happens fast," Houston said. "We have a promising lead, but we have yet to get confirming evidence." The search official said Monday he was much more optimistic in finding the plane than he was a week ago. Still, Houston said, "I would like us to find some wreckage."

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