Best HD version of this video on youtube http://youtu.be/PKNiJnIDamQ
Quadrata Martis Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapans/150099
Worm or burrow fossils Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapans/146510
Mars Driftwood Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapans/147693
Spherical & tubular formations
in Dykes or walls Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapans/147411
Webbed Ancient Colony
evidence at Hellas Plaitia Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapans/148696
Mankind will find that he will not be the first intelligent species to explore Mars as great irrigated plots of land are discovered in 2010 MOR images, plus a brief history of space exploration and other very interesting images that I have complied on Gigapan.
Mankind will also gradually realise that not all UFOs are aliens that are
witnessed but are also a number of UFV sightings (Unidentified Future Vehicles)
as our Decendants will survive us and our seeded problems to
design time travel crafts to visit ours and there major historical moments.

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