Anti-Christ Messianic Jews created Fake rituals of Baptism and Eucharist. Gentile or women do not need them at all.

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Anti-Christ Messianic Jews created Fake rituals of Baptism and Eucharist.
Circumcision and Eucharist for the Lost Jewish Sheep only.
On occupying the Church of God, the Messianic Jews brought in the old Temple rituals, the Jewish Leaven Jesus warned of. They created situation worse than before the arrival of Jesus. This Jesus stressed in Matt 12v43-45:- "Whenever an unclean spirit, the sacked Temple Priests, goes out of a person, it wanders through waterless places, they are useless as stressed by Jesus in the Parable of the Wine Press. These Temple Priests were used to lavish living and ruling over people like the present Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches, who are worse replacements of the Temple Rabbis, looking for a place to rest but finds none in the Churches of God of discerning intellect. Then it says, 'I will go back to my home, the old Jewish customers, that I left.' When it arrives, it finds it empty or no one to guard them as they were solitary, swept clean, the hearts were very devotional and put in order, they were truthful and honest. Then it goes and brings with it seven, the Deacons, other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in, into the Church of God by jumping over the walls like a thief and settle there with Robes of Priesthoods. And so the final condition of that person, the one Jesus gave his life for to set them FREE becomes worse than the first, before the arrival of Jesus, the hypocrite Temple Priests were not as bad as the present. That's just what will happen to this evil generation!"
In this, Jesus warned us of the Jewish Leaven that should not be allowed into the Church of God.
So, what happened after the death of Jesus, Angel Stephen, the first administrator of the Church of God and St.James, the Just who saved people from being fleeced by the greedy Rabbis in which he will go to the house of the Rabbi, kneel down to beg him return the money of the victim. He used to succeed by pleading that in God there is neither Jew nor Gentile but all alike. Jews were openly fleecing the Gentile and there were no laws from stopping that but not the fellow Jews. The Temple Priests killed Him when he went to the Pinnacle to address the people that in God, we are all alike, Jew or Gentile. It was then the clever dirty-hearted Rabbis incited their stooges that look he is making us the Jews equal to the Gentiles and they killed him for that. Angel Stephen was killed for telling the Temple Priests to become faithful to Abraham as he was a Semite and not a Jew outwardly. But they wanted people to be Jews outwardly. John, the Baptist baptised only the Jewish men in the name of Abraham and not in God, Son and Holy Spirit. That He clearly stated that the one after me much mightier than me will baptise you in Holy Spirit. So, this baptism of people other than the Jews is wrong. He did not baptise a woman or a Gentile.
With this corruption in mind, you can well imagine what the Messianic Jews did on occupying the Church. Those were the sacked evil-spirited Temple Priests who joined the Church of God and with them they bring in the rotten old cloth, the corrupted Torah that Jesus forbade. They patched this old cloth with the New, the New Testament Gospel that cannot be written down as the old was and corrupted the Church by luring their old customers, the Jewish people in hundreds, and establishing their Temple Rituals with Temple High Priest called Pope and these Dog-Collared hireling Priests as you see them in the Churches today. These Priests cannot give your account to God but you yourself have to do that. That is why we are called Royal Priests greater than the Priests and we have a Fellowship and not these organised Churches of Mammon as depicted by Church of England headed by Queen, the head of Mammon.
That is why the Monks were killed by the Messianic Jews to create a Darkness greater than before the arrival of Jesus and when a Blind Guide leads a blind, they fell into the Pits of Holocausts such as the recent one in Germany. You cannot blame Hitler for the deaths of people but they themselves are to be blamed for loving Darkness to Light.
That is why second coming of Jesus was Nanak of the Punjab and this Golden Temple is the same size as the destroyed holiest of holy that used to be in Jerusalem. But what gold has to do with God? A much greater corruption than the Churches.
Now, these Jews, unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh, the Farmer in Matt.13v24-30, are getting bundled up for the Final Burning expected when Israel is 70 years old.
For more details, visit my website or watch my over 3600 Youtube Videos, channel nijjhar1, explaining every thing in spirit.
These things are received through logical reasoning and that is called Revelations unknown to others, a Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands. Gospel would be Preached before the End of the world.
In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
John's baptism:-

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