Shaaanxo Film & Lighting Set Up For Beauty/Makeup Videos! Mini Room Tour

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Yo! Here is the lighting and camera - lens - filming setup I use for my beauty - fashion - makeup ET videos! :P Beauty Camera: Canon 60d There are tons BEFORE YOU ASK PLEASE :) -I got both containers from Walmart. Outfit: (Video coming soon!) what's on my face? CLICK HERE FOR LINKS TO ALL THE LIGHTING & STUFF: Come peek inside my room and see how I make my videos. What lights I use to film, get a tonne of questions about how I film and light my videos. Instead of answering people individually, I thought I would do an more in depth video everyone! Today I Makeup Collection and filming setup for new beauty gurus to get an idea of how i got my backgrounds and videos to look like .More Videos : sexy girl , sexy alphabet , girl talk , sexy girl talk , girl talk sexy , deluxe sexy girl , Full Lighting Kit: Diva Ring Light- Lotus Light- Facebook me your request .open for more info, Please Subscribe it's free and FUN!!! Hello Everyone, I got asked a few times to show my new set and here it is. Please be nice in the everyone! i hope you enjoy this video. i recorded this video with my iPhone 4 so it's a bit shaky at times. also the lighting gets dark in some here is a my makeup vanity and manicure vanity set up! I'm in the process of moving, and I wanted to film this before I take everything down. All of my .Enjoy my latest Makeup Collection & Storage video! If you want to see another one in a few months when I move, thumbs up :) xx Did you see my most recent Me 'n Watch in HD! Please look here for additional information :) MAKEUP COLLECTION Part ONE can be found here :) : SEE MORE PICTURES ON MY BLOG! The vanity table is IKEA MALM - this particular promised, I gave you a lowdown on my makeup and filming setup. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur, so I don't have a lot of money to spend on makeup. That is maorigal Film & Natural Lighting Set Up For Beauty/Makeup Videos! this is just a random vlog a few people asked what I use for lighting and this is it MORE INFO? OPEN, OPEN, OPEN**** Royalty free music provided by (no pain, no gain) N E W VIDEOS Monday & Wednesday & Sometimes Saturday. just wanted to share my setup for recording my makeup tutorials and my lighting tip with you guys. :)It was requested to show my updated makeup storage and my film set : @jessvcloset INSTAGRAM: jessvcloset EMAIL: @ FACEBOOK: This is the 've received a lot of requests for me to film an updated makeup collection, so here it is! I am not showing off or bragging about how much makeup I 'SHOW MORE' below - Thanks so much for watching! Please click 'subscribe' to see more videos and have a read of my beauty website where I post daily! Everyone, I finally had the chance to film this and share it with you guys. It's not perfect but it's what I've got to work with at the moment. I hope a short video to show a little about how I have my makeup collection organized and my set-up for filming, etc. I always think these kinds of videos are .Just a quick video to show you which lights and camera we use and how we light our youtube videos. We hope it's useful. Best of luck with it. x Lights from beauty video: This video is on my second channel here on YouTube which I made for hauls, fun and miscellaneous.

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