Anonymous Hacking Drones and UAV Surveillance

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Apr 9, 2014
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For Part 1, Combating Facial Recognition Software and Video Surveillance ction/viewvideo/171313/Anonymous_Hacking_Surveillance_Systems__Facial_Recognition_Software/ Anons, stand up and fight back! Greetings citizens of the United States and the World, In an age of constant video surveillance, we must remain ever-vigilant to ensure our rights to privacy. As drones are becoming more and more common place, it is essential that we educate and prepare ourselves. Some time ago we released a video on countering surveillance. These, however, are ineffective against drones. So we've compiled a new list of ways that you can protect yourself against aerial surveillance without the use of projectiles. Since drones are controlled from afar, they rely on radio-controlled frequencies for operation. And as you may have guessed, an RF jammer would block the communications to it. Likewise, you can also use GPS jammers or "Sniffers" to to block their navigation. Another method is through a high-energy radio-frequency weapon. These function similarly to an EMP, and can easily be made from the components of a single microwave. However, doing so is highly dangerous. While all of these devices can be purchased or built at home relatively cheap, it is illegal to own or operate them. Surely there are better solutions to avoid the eyes-in-the-sky. An artist, Adam Harvey, recently released a series of clothing called "Stealth Wear" that conceals your body temperature from the infrared cameras of drones. It also features X-ray protection and has special pockets for disabling your phone's signal. While this ingenious clothing is a must have, it is rather expensive and unlikely to be widely available. But with some thermally reflective cloth, it's entirely possible to make your own. While the government may be hell bent on watching us at every moment of every day, we are not helpless. There are always ways of fighting back. Let's remind them that 1984 was not an instruction manual. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us.

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