Goverment Gears Up For War On Americans

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Apr 9, 2014
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Alex plays a video on NSA spying on Americans and how they criminally are getting away with whatever they want taking away our rights at every corner of the Alex on TWITTER - Alex on FACEBOOK - on G+ - +infowars/:Web::Subscribe: to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media ITEM Silver-Bullet - Colloidal Silver**NEW ITEM Fluoride Shield** NEW ITEM Super Male Vitality** NEW ITEM Survival Shield - Nascent Iodine** NEW ITEM Patriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEM Immune Support Blend 100% Organic Coffee** All available at - MAGAZINE - LATEST HEALTH - START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE -

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