Illuminati Training Video "ILLUMICORP"

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From The Davos Conference to The Bilderberg Group, The Globalist Elite, The 1%, The Illuminati, The Rothschild Zionists, The Archons or the Reptilian Cabal. There is a group of interrelated beings, probably no fewer than 100 at any given time, who control almost 100% of the planet's wealth, resources and inhabitants as slaves. Their ultimate goal, which is near completion, is to have their human livestock microchipped so that they cannot escape the factory farm like surveillance environment we are bred into. Their control of education and the media has made us stupid and unquestioning to authority. Their control of food and industry has left us drugged, tamed, docile and completely in bondage to these invisible masters. Their puppetry of governments gives us the Illusion of freedom and choice, all the while making us more selected for slavery. Children are educated in batches in schools and exit it as little more than obedient thralls willing to work in their globalist industries or become cannon fodder in the fireworks display known as organised war. The suppression of knowledge from our ancestors and of new discovered made from beyond this earth have been hidden from us, or labelled as "unscientific" or "heresy", making finding out the knowledge punishable by ridicule, social isolation and eventually death, either directly by decree of assassination or war conscription or indirectly by depopulation with food additives, mind control and suicide. As a result, ancient human and alien technology giving us free energy, telekinesis, farsight and channelling quantum fluctuations have been supressed and the technologies destroyed just so we can continue flooding the atmosphere and ground with chemtrails, pollution, fluoride and nuclear radiation. All the while, deforestation and mass extinction of native plant and animal species tied with genetic modification of foods has warped the ecosystem and has affected us in ways that will take centuries to undo if we even succeed at overthrowing the Cabal. Cancer and heart disease are more rampant than ever before, even in the poorest of nations. Meanwhile our children are reaching puberty earlier in life and are falling behind in intelligence. This is as clear a sign as any that we are being bred to be nothing more than livestock. The Elite have a stranglehold on this planet and soon there will be nothing to resist them until we have been reduced to the status of domesticated animals, with a hope of freedom equal to pigs, cows and sheep being lined up for slaughter. This is what we are raising our children for unless we unite and take action and literally behead the Reptilian Cabal, exposing their nature and saving our species from a horrible fate. "illuminati training video" "leaked illuminati training video" "leaked illuminati video" "illuminati leaked video" "new world order training & recruitment video" "new world order" 2012 "2012 end of the world" "end of the world" "the end of the world" Illuminati Alex Jones David Icke Freemason Freemasonry Masons Conspiracy One JFK John Kennedy gospel religion hollywood conspiracy christianity world truth alex jones Knight Templar Bush Brotherhood Jordan Maxwell Endgame

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