4/08/2014 --San Antonio, TX -- Weather Modification via RADAR pulse / "HAARP rings"

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Full website post here .. with links to the original sources, backdated NEXRAD feeds, and .gif's of the event from multiple NEXRAD views: "HAARP ring" / RADAR pulse event in San Antonio, actually produced its own 1 hour rain total, echo tops, and VIL!!! Also , it showed up across multiple systems. Happening for over 2 hours, the peak pulse occurring, at 657UTC (Z) April 8, how radio frequency can influence the weather via ionization, and heating? Start your journey towards higher learning here: 've made multiple hours of video explanations, which can be found here: ____Watch the pulsed area epicenter for up to 72 hours (from the point of the pulse occurring) for the possibility of hail, damaging winds, and / or possible tornadoes (near the center of the pulse / San Antonio, TX)____

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