Peru's government reopens their UFO research program April 7th 2014

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Aired April 3rd 2014 - The Government of Peru has reopened their UFO Search Program The constant waves of unidentified flying objects reactivated the UFO study program. Got this translation from one of our followers on facebook - The story comes from one respectable news program at Univision. It states that the Peruvian government will Re-Open the Division that deals with this phenomena, meteors and space junk, DIFA. Since Peru is one of the most visited countries in the world by UFOs the government decided that they needed to investigate again. Last year was huge for this, with hundreds of sightings and recorded evidence. They talk about testimonies of mother ships that appears in the sky and lots of small ships coming out of it. There's a place in the jungle that this happens so often that for the inhabitants is a very common thing in the sky. This group at DIFA is composed by Military, Anthropologists, Philosophers, etc. They analyze the evidence and then decide the course of action. They are very respectable people like Anthony Choy who's investigations shows lots of activities in the jungle. Something real is happening at the skies of Peru, but not just there, this phenomena is happening in central and south america. SEND YOUR UFO SIGHTINGS AND VIDEOS IN A MESSAGE TO OUR YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK PAGE! SUBSCRIBE HERE - LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE -

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