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Illuminati Symbolism Malaysia Airlines MH370 and Ukraine Conflict

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Apr 11, 2014
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The Illuminati Symbolism before, during and after the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane and the Ukraine Conflict of 2014 has been shocking. The symbol of the Trident, associated with King Neptune or Poseidon, along with the association with the One World Government of the New World Order has been very significant and has unveiled the curtain of the inclusion of this symbolism across the world. The association and symbolism of real world events, with the events and symbolism of ancient religion undoubtedly has cabalistic meaning, some of it reflecting the famous Qabalism or Black Magic of the Illuminati Satanist, Aleister Crowley. Crowley's Occult Satanism, Thelema was, relatively recently, recognised by none other than Her Majesty's Court Service in the United Kingdom as a religion, as it has both a "Holy Book" (The Book of the Law of Thelema) and deity (primarily for the purposes of the oath, Nuit) as required in law. This shows a greater prevalence of Satanism, Cabalistic Ritual and the general occult in the law of nations than even the craziest conspiracy theorist could have imagined. The propaganda of the mainstream media has brainwashed the population to passively accept the connections to real world events and the Satanism and occult the elite worship as mere coincidence, tarring conspiracy with the idea of insanity to quell dissent. Human race, get off your knees! Unite and Revolt!

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