IMPORTANT watch the Youtube version in HD as the detail and Music is Beautiful to witness >> << Both the East and West have been studying a recent discovery of ancient irrigated plots of land and other anomalies highlighted in a recent video of mine based on a discovery I made in an archived MRO image from 2010
The interst is because there are many robotic missions planned
for Mars in the next decade specifically designed to search and recover life from Mars...
Join me now as your virtual guide I will take you on a journey of discovery into the classified world of Extra-terrestrial activity on our closest planets...
Destroy this data after viewing though you might want to see the Youtube HD version as its galacticly good ( :-)
Gale Lake fossilised creatures Click here to explore
Quadrata Martis the squares of Mars Click here to explore
Worm or burrow fossils Click here to explore
Mars Driftwood Click here to explore
Spherical & tubular formations
in Dykes or walls Click here to explore
Webbed Ancient Colony
evidence at Hellas Plaitia Click here to explore
Mount Sharp super scaled for exploring with zoom click here

Fellow humans of Earth of all kinds, welcome to my world of intelligent
awareness of our galactic neighbourhood as we research in this case optical
data in the Infra-red of one of our nearest heavenly bodies, the Planet known
as Mars.

Before we consider the various recurring anomalies and there possible origins
I must explain to you a special law that will be relate to nearly every corner
of the Universe in respect to the discovery of types of life living, dead and there

This law is the y curve symmetry of universal life and it will help colour
in a branch of science that is entirely new for Mankind that being the study
of life on other heavenly bodies.

Basically this law is based on a thought experiment and will rubbish quite
easily another rather flimsy theory postulated by someone who's name
does not spring to mind who tried to foolishly explain the lack of positive
data from the S.E.T.I. program by means of a mass extinction black out
proposed to be the product of rare gamma ray bursts which when you look at the real activity of life, cannot be the case as there is an exponent of life that supersedes the rate of any possible galactic event that cannot be survived by the ranks of super beings that will wander these great jewelled veins of our galactic world and others too.

This law is very complex to explain outside of the attention span of the average
youtube member so I will condense the formula into its best understood message.

When intelligent creatures wander upon new worlds in search of life there is an
exponentially greater chance they will find microbial life then higher life forms but also there is when researching surface materials that are quite ancient an exponentially greater chance that traces of Intelligent life will not originate from that planet then it will and that these same traces will be of a greater occurrence then finding intermediate species.

Thus if we were to imagine that we had the intelligence to wander thousands of heavenly bodies and create a graph for life analogues we would draw many blanks for higher life forms but would find many basic life forms and there building blocks and also traces of intelligent life forms that have visited, migrated(left) and briefly Inhabited as opposed to actual original intelligent species and this draws a rather puzzling product as to how much life in the Universe is actually original and not
seeded by the missions of the elite life forms of the Universe.

Take the Planet Mars as an example of this great experiment as there is a huge chance that microbial life exists on this planet right now but also we can find traces of intelligent species that have visited this palnet, those being our robotic rovers and other probes!

And if my theory is correct there is a huge chance we will find traces of non original intelligent life and there habitations through the aeons of time and on the subject may I introduce Quadrata Martis an ancient buried remnant of a lost intelligent species 

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