1 MILLION PATRIOT Kids Revolt Against Michelle Obamas COMMIE School Lunch !!!

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Written by Next News Network Michelle Obama has spent much of her time the last few years attempting to fight hunger by reducing the variety of foods in school lunches. Students are now organizing against the new food portions inspired by the First Lady. Many have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social media to share pictures of poor-looking lunches served to them under the directive. Since the First Lady's leadership on school lunches have taken effect, the program has seen its largest drop in participation in history. A total of 33 states have so far have issued statements saying many students will not eat the new lunches. Opposition is strongest from athletes, who say the meals do not provide nearly enough nutrition for physical activities. One hungry student took a picture of the food they had been served, and tweeted "I'll never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch." Megan Howell, a parent who ate one of the lunches with her daughter, tweeted a picture of a plain hamburger, and half a kiwi fruit. The caption read "This is sad!" Miss Poppet on Twitter uploaded a photo of a tortilla, single piece of ham and some iceberg lettuce with dressing. She wrote "You seriously think this will keep the average teenager from being hungry? This is crap." A group of students at Wallace County High School in Sharon Springs, Kansas, created a music video about the lunches, directed at the First Lady. The video shows students eating junk food to fight hunger pains, and athletes collapsing from hunger during practice. In Harlan County, Kentucky, school officials are reporting that students say Michelle Obama's school lunches "taste like vomit." The initiative calling for smaller portions at school lunches, and led by the First Lady, was titled "Let's Move." It now looks like students are moving -- away from school lunches. Download your free Next News "Heroes & Villains" Poster here: http://nextnewsnetwork.com/the-2013-h...

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