Anonymous USAID Cuban Twitter to Create Violent Uprisings

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Citizens of the World We are Anonymous. Last week, a report accused the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) of running a "covert" project to build a Twitter-like social network in Cuba to stir political unrest in the island. ZunZuneo was a social network marketed to Cubans that was like a stripped-down version of Twitter. The network allowed subscribers to send and receive free updates via text message since US AID covered all the expenses. The AP reported that its operators, once the service reached "critical mass" intended to send political content to the subscribers, in the hopes of inspiring "smart mobs" and an eventual "Cuban Spring." The service, started in 2010, was retired two years later, due to lack of funds. even though it was low-profile, ZunZuneo wasn't kept secret from Congress President Obama's press secretary Jay Carney said USAID had to be "discreet" and added that the program "had been debated in Congress and reviewed by the GAO [Government Accountability Office]." In fact, the GAO had access to a plethora of documents about US AID's broader Cuba program. USAID Spokesperson Matt Herrick denied the U.S. government's role in the secret project. The AP reported that Mobile Accord, the company tapped to build the social network, wrote in an internal memo that it was "crucial" not to mention the U.S. government when discussing the project. USAID tried to hide that the money to fund the project came from the U.S. Other sources claim the funds were earmarked for Pakistan, with a shell company in Spain. Is the United States Government planning to have a social uprising in Pakistan too? Considering that Pakistan is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, that would be a catastrophe for not just Asia and the Middle East but the entire world. Is this Obamas master plan? To have the whole world engage in violent uprising and chaos? If so, we must not let it happen. We are Anonymous. We are Legion We will unite the world in peace and solidarity, not in violence and Bloodlust. To the USAID, United States, Cuba and the World. Expect Us.

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