4/13/2014 -- Air Force Base CREATES STORM -- NWS CENSORS the feeds

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Apr 15, 2014
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WATCH IN FULL SCREEN 1080p HD for best view of the can still see it for yourself on the live feed, for the next few hours (currently 1130pm CT April 13, 2014) the whole series of events, as the storm was created out of Cannon Air Force Base New Mexico, as the National Weather Service censored the feed, then finally as the feed was modification , happening real time on RADAR, censored after being found .Myself, and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS all watched this happen live on RADAR, as they first tried to HIDE the data, then cut the feed when we figured out what was happening. See the progression of events beginning about 9pm Central Time April 13, 2014 on my facebook page. of april for future reference (Check April 13, 2014) can radio frequency from a RADAR be used to influence / create weather?These videos cover the basics: more information on the topic of Frequency induced weather here:

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