Replacing Prince Bandar Bin Sultan: 'Saudi king appoints new spy chief' [Ralph Schoenman @ PressTV]

Saudi Arabia's king has appointed a new intelligence chief, Youssef al-Idrisi, replacing Prince Bandar Bin Sultan in the key post. Saudi official news agency S-P-A has cited a royal decree saying Bandar was exempted from his position at his own request. The announcement was made as Bandar was returning to the kingdom after around two months of staying in the U-S for surgery on his shoulder. Bandar was the Saudi ambassador to the U-S for 22 years before he was appointed as director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency in 2012. Bandar is accused of masterminding terrorist acts in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq. He was heavily involved in Saudi efforts to support Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria.

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