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THE CHEMTRAIL - HAARP - MUST SHARE VIDEO- Weather Control Vortex for the un-researched

There is EVEN if you google - ----Cloud Seeding Act, Australia---- you will see this is REALLY happening.. AND MUST STOP !!!!!! PLEASE go to my channel and Subscribe if you like BUT most importantly check out all the GEO-ENGINEERING videos that PLAYLIST.... cheers !!!! This IS THE VIDEO for the people that have not heard about Geo-Engineering yet. Cloud Seeding THIS AINT !!!!! A MUST SHARE video on a subject the TV is STILL not telling us about. Weathermen are either lying or told NOT to mention HAARP / Chemtrails / Geo-Engineering. MONSANTO why all the bees are dying how the Toowoomba floods REALLY happened. --- BIG CLASS ACTION against the Qld government because of the Dams being too full --- BLOODY GET STUFFED !!!!! How about the ACTUAL Rain Making / Weather Modification Technology that has been in service in OUR AUSTRALIAN SKIIES SINCE THE MID 90s !!!!!!! There is EVEN if you google - --- Cloud Seeding Act, Australia ---- you will see this is REALLY happening.. AND MUST STOP !!!!!!

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