Pole Shift Update: 'Somthings definitely wrong with the solar system' [Brent Miller @ C-2-C AM]

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/miller-brent/6870 http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Videos.php/2012/02/25/coming-polar-s... Pole Shift News Update Somthing's definitely wrong with the solar system.. Prepare for Earth Changes.nothing stays the same, only change is consistent. Geomagnetic reversal can increase volcanism, meteorite impact, and grid failure. SOURCE: News Articles: An EMP Attack Would Be Economic Warfare Photography of anomalies in the sky from December 2012. December 2012 was a disappointment for many after years of 2012 hype. However if one observed the ski. . Are we almost at 'crunch time' It's quite the understatement to stay we've got lot going on. but no fear okay? That's not what this is all about. it's ab. NOT SO GOOD NEWS More and more countries in South America are going into no-comment mode about what is about to occur in the continents of Europe and North America. I don't know when this was recorded, but if anyone can observe the changes to our world, it is the Aboriginal peoples of this planet. One Love. There are two dangers presented in this video: 1) The. It does seem like we are experiencing a major energy shift right now and have been in some kind of energy shift the past week but things have amped up today. For the first time I in my life, we had swarms of migrating birds flying in circles over Kingman Arizona. The birds seemed lost and way off course just slowly. Pole Shift, it has Started Sub Pinksapphiret2 videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any mo. WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM IS REPORTING THE TRUTH INCOMING RADS ,GAMMA ,ULTRA VIOLET AND BETA RAYS ARE ABOUT TO BOMBARD EARTH ,SEE WHY IN THIS VIDEO SERIES!.PT 1-5. [ALERT] Pole Shift News Update Somthing's definitely wrong with the solar system videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Follow me for new ALE. It's All Such An Amazing Story. Planets, Comets, Alignments, UFO's, ET's, Atlantis, Pleiades, Starseeds, End Of The World Or Beginning Of A New World Age... Last month major high air pressure in the UK. This month 7th December. Tidal surge, upto 3m rise in the sea, without Low air pressure and without hardly any . This the 2nd very detailed Waking Dream, on the Topic of the impending Earth Changes coming over the next several months, past the Dec 21st Date. The informant. Immanuel Velikovsky provided evidence of global cataclysm and pole shifts which occur periodically due to celestial events. He incorrectly blamed Venus for this. Nibiru 2011 Update April Tornadoes - Planet X Pole Shift Events are in order by date. Earth Wobble increasing causing the mix of hot and cold air, resulting . Todd Hoeksema physicist of Stanford University agrees with NASA also . Viewers discernment advised!!! Pole Shift: NASA Hiding Magnetic Field Information ?? (Updated Audio and Text)

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