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Gold & Silver Options, Fall of Anglo-American Empire, Markets Crash 21st & 29th [Clif High Wujo 16-Apr-2014]


Recording Date (start): 16-Apr-2014, 12:32 PM Pacific Coast of North America Time Release Date: 16-Apr-2014 Runtime: 00h 33m 45.9s (2025.9s) Topics Discussed: Death of Anglo-American Empire Gold and Silver Options Gold Backed Chinese Yuan Gold Backed Russian Ruble $20 per gallon Gasoline? Blood Sucking Parasitic Elites Markets Crashing 21 & 29 Apr? Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports Visit Clif High's Website: Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels and removed one annoying cough and a few utterances. If you don't like the editing please go to Clif's website (link above) where you can download the original MP3 audio. Please give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to my YouTube channel (ehyeshua), and visit Clif's website where you can purchase his latest ALTA Reports

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