Possible life found on Mars in Ancient Glass

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Apr 19, 2014
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Has concrete proof of life on Mars been found already? The Key sounds to be get your hands on some Ancient Martian Volcanic Glass. Early Answers might be or might have been found in there. How do you feel about terraforming and big bubbles? Good. Because it's all science-fiction pseudo-astronomy come true. Truth is stranger than fiction. How fast can we get to Mars now? It only takes Jared Leto 30 seconds to Mars. Can some one ask Mr. Leto how he does it? This is important. We are now on a quest for some melted sand to figure out what popped Mars' bubble from popping. And WTF happened to those scars on the equator? Did it get scraped by an imperial cruiser? I got a little crazy with this video. Somehow it turned into an epic action adventure love story drama or The Watchmen 2. With a very special appearance by stained glass Mr. Team of the A-Team. I guess I've got spring fear and I smell love and romance in the air. I love the Spring. Bonita PrimaVera! Birth. Life. Rebirth. Warm weather. Cool breezes. And possible life on Mars trapped in a glass. Kandor? Oh Superman where are you now? When everything has gone wrong stay cool,stay Bless Everyone, You can follow me on the facebook if yee tweet at me on the twitter@NewThor

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