to serve man a ufo cover up (2)

  • Uploaded by DERRUFO on Apr 21, 2014
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to serve man a ufo cover up (2)- perfect spheres Leave shadows on the ocean as NASA crews image the reality of aliens visiting earth...other NASA crew images odd cloud contrails far above the clouds of Earth near space where astronauts are close enough to the ufo ship contrails to snap pictures...its all in here-- NASA photos discovered by DERR hidden away in NASA huge photo archives-- I located some of these by Looking at-- thousands--i mean 1000s of images to see if some odd ones were also included by some in NASA who want the cover-up bout ufos to end....Learn why your government coverup of ufos threatens your freedom, Learn why oddball or idiot teachers are Left inside classrooms when they should be fired....holes in the ground of MARS oe the Moon, ufo tube like ships...huge ufo chased a Japan Airline 747...its all here-- and all of it faithfully concealed from you by illegal criminals who are in govt or now retired who belong in JAIL----derrufo research investigation

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