'Killer Asteroids Causing Atomic Sized Explosions' [BPEarthWatch] PLAY

'Killer Asteroids Causing Atomic Sized Explosions' [BPEarthWatch]


  • garyproffitt3#

    garyproffitt3 April 23, 2014 2:45:59 AM CEST

    I find it very Interesting how we overestimate the power Mankind has in terms of ICBMs as the maths simply do not add up when you consider the size of Earth and the number of devices it would take to destroy all life would be on the scale of 1,000,000 or more devices and this would not kill off all life.

    How do we know this?

    Well for one thing the Planet Earth has been attacked by Comets, Asteroids, galactic collisions, and supa nova explosions many times in its history an all these events were thousands of times greater in energy released then all the Nukes ever made and although mass extinctions resulted over time this did not kill off all life only the over evolved species that could not adapt to change.

    The bad news for Russia is that if a cosmic body were to hit Earth in the northern hemisphere then the odds are great that it will hit this nation as it is spread across the mass of the northern hemisphere and this explains why the Tunguska explosion and recent small meteor events have hit Russia where as they would simply more likely land in the ocean if hitting the southern hemisphere.

    So alarmingly but ironically for Russia, space has the capacity to turn Russia and Canada into a bowl of ash and there is much evidence that this has happened in the past with the loss of many species in this area as opposed to Africa that would need a straight on hit on the equator which is much more rare as Jupiter tends to suck up most of the asteroids and comets that align with the planetary plane.

    The K.T. asteroid impact is the exception to the case as it hit near the equator but impacts this size or so powerful that any part of the Earth hot will create skies of fire balls, fire meteors, atmospheric and oceanic tsunami and clouds of stratospheric dust that can last hundreds of years blocking out the sun in a frozen world.

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