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Global CST will perform a false flag for you and will throw in free patsies from their extensive collection. You want a Saudi? No, problem. Change your mind? We even have Chechen nationals given , citizenship on 9/11, 2012 for that dramatic effect! CST was spotted in Boston and mistakenly identified as National Guard troops when in fact they had a contract with the National Guard as security "advisers". GLOBAL CST is an Israeli based company (owner: Maj. Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv), that provides strategic defense and security solutions to governments and major international corporations. GCD is a subsidiary of Global-CST . an article in The Observer of Sunday 2nd February 1997, the then JBD "Defence Director" Michael Whine (now living and working in Israel) revealed that the CST "a 2,000 strong defence with a sophisticated intelligence system which provides security guards and trains bodyguards .... Personnel undertake vigorous physical training." CST formations are often seen escorting Zionist political demonstrations and other Jewish communal public manifestations wearing uniform day-glow jackets similar to those sported by the police, but with "CST" stamped on them in large letters. CST personnel are paraded in public places even though all such activities are given a full Police escort, which is sufficient protection for for all manner of other folks and organisations in our :en-US:official

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