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The Stan Romanek Story-Messages-Full Ufo Contact Documentary

  • Dali777
  • uploaded: Apr 22, 2014
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ok, no worries ..

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Ayurveda - Art of Being







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  • EstherShauger#

    EstherShauger April 24, 2014 4:17:17 AM CEST

    I can see what you described about your experience so clearly as you explain this.. The idea that i get from you is that these beings hybrid people or species of beings.. wanted to get your blood plasma from spine for a healing for the sick for their beings.. a very important thing to do.. and i get the impression that many people have been so violent during this process that they get so they get violent with all the people that they put in their craft..like police do at times or professionals..and of course.. the rich here think that humans who are more earthy or wild and free or poor.. are less than they are.. here on earth.. hmm i think a lot of species believe that..lol I believe people are so very aware of all the crafts and living and things in air and other places because of their extreme gift of LOVE in their characters.. and other species tend to ignore this about us... i think one day.. they will be so sorry as they become more... less desperate.. and see the devastation.. they caused of our species.. just like we have... so sad to say.. humans look and dont see all the precious life.. here everywhere.. the grass the trees.. everything..we are all like little children... but i do believe not in just what the scientists are doing but i do believe in a creator and other high love and understanding and non violent.. beings..i tend to have i think foggy ideas that as a child i experienced things.. of a different nature.. and have tried to help people to love themselves and others more.. In dreams i seem to remember symbols from other realms but cannot bring them to my mind..how to humans think that people come up with things such as velcro etc.. lol
    i remember standing on a planet that has another planet very close to it..etc.

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