Jupiter Freaks Out and Almost Nobody Notices!

For those of you that want to see immediately the stuff happening with Jupiter, you can fast forward to time stamp: 4:30 and that is the best footage there is. All the rest is just more 6, 2014 cdbfort channel (Chris Fortune) captures a bizarre looking Jupiter. Jupiter Freaks Out! You tell me what that is, I'm all ears! The first clip is the least magnification, the second is higher magnification and the last clip is a whopper. Be sure to watch the whole thing then watch the original videos!Links:Darin Crapo's video showing Jupiter freak attack at time stamp it out! is the original full length video proof this is real!!cdbfort channel (Chris Fortune) Comments from some viewers, just thought I'd list this here, good info for ) She didn't hoax ) There were no other objects in the sky with these distortions, so it wasn't out of focus atmospherics and I doubt that it was occulation because the entire shape is think about that, if a body was passing in front or behind Jupiter, you would see the anomalies progress linearly, but instead, they are jumping all over the place. Maybe it went through a meteor storm? Can't rule that ) Her camera has a zoom apparently, and no, you don't have to own a telescope in order to view the night I wish she had a telescope with a camera hooked up to ) She observes Jupiter all the time and this was an anomalous ) All the information is in the original videos which I linked to in the description box and mentioned repeatedly throughout the ) Anomalies occur, very few people catch it, no one can monitor Jupiter 24/7, so it's fantastic when someone catches something ) I always share stuff I think is really neat and hope that everyone gets to see the magic of our mysterious universe that Popular Science laughingly thinks "they have under control".8) This entire event lasted for less than 2 minutes. Think about that. It's very rare to catch something odd like ) Re DSW74: Your video. I know you decided that on your video it was an object passing behind Jupiter which caused the blurry moon shaped object to stick out of it's side. But I wouldn't jump to that because you yourself said that that object should not have been visible in your if it 's an anomaly right there, you just replaced one anomaly with another. Personally, I think there may be more stuff going on on Jupiter than we understand. It's a huge gas giant, all sorts of weird electrical events could happen on it. I would lean toward an anomalous discharge event over an occulation that shouldn't be visible. (The event I'm referring to is DarkSkyWatcher74 filmed something odd with Jupiter also on a different date - "What Is That Object Next To Jupiter?" is the name of his video if you're curious what he got.)More response to comments: I did consider that something may have passed close by to Jupiter and looked everywhere for comets or asteroids that may have passed nearby, I couldn't find anything, but my search was very limited, NASA apparently is not interested in bodies that come close to other planets and so I couldn't find anything listed there. I also looked for possible sun eruptions or flares that may have triggered the event, I gave up. It just plain takes too long trying to find out what might have triggered the event, in the end, I realized that ANYTHING might have triggered it, after all, it's a gigantic ball of gas floating around in an electric universe. The real question is why this doesn't happen more often? Maybe Nibiru passed by it, maybe it was planetary alignment ( I checked, saw nothing special there), maybe a UFO zapped it, maybe an electrical discharge event happened, maybe it was a pole shift, maybe it was a meteor steroid Trust me, I was racking my brains and gave up, the what ifs are endless.

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