The Search for the Jersey Devil: Footprints


Trifid...or Drake's feet, 3 toes. A popular carving technique for the legs of tables or chairs.

Back in 1941 a strange footprint was found in Batsto, New Jersey and many suspected that is was from the Jersey Devil. A cast was promptly made and then a
wooden imprint was made of it.

Currently this wooden imprint resides at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford, New Jersey. When the Courier Post did the front page story with me concerning my
Jersey Devil documentary they photographed me holding it in the photo shoot.

One thing that got me was that by popular accounts most stated that the Jersey Devil had cloven a goat, or the Devil Himself. The wooden imprint
is more that of a dragon, or some sort of 3 toed lizard. There are not all that many 3 toed animals that are that large: Capybara, rhinoceroses, crow, turkey and the
Emu are a few. Many dinosaur era birds had 3 toes with a 4th toe backwards turned that assisted them with gripping tree branches.

Heron footprints next to average sized human foot.

Starting around 1948 there was a hoaxer running around the US (and world) leaving fake 3 toed impressions and he was dubbed “Old Three Toes”. There were
several pics available with this hoaxer wearing his self made boots that left the 3 toed impressions. They curiously resemble the ones supposedly left by the Jersey
Devil in Batsto...

There are many explanations that could shed light on the origin of this wooden footprint cast: A real animal that was mentioned above, a hoax, an attempt for
tourism and publicity...or the actual Jersey Devil.

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(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. Chris can be reached at

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