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Lunar Hologram Wave Filmed During Eclipse -Historic!

This may turn out to be a historic piece of footage. As you know I have real problems with the eclipse we just saw/filmed. Everything about it seems wrong. Today I finally found this footage. It shows the moon hologram in full swing during the eclipse and a UFO 13 seconds before the event. Could the color and timing problems related to the eclipse be directly related to the hologram theory I am developing? I am getting closer to proving the hologram theory. Someone had to have filmed the wave this time! The burden of proof is heavy but I seem to be getting closer to that to the Crrow777 equipment upgrade fund:Donate: first upgrade will be a Canon camera body converted to shoot in IR (infrared) for stand alone and telescope use. This will be followed by a Canon camera body converted to shoot in UV (ultraviolet) and also usable coupled to the and thank you for your support,Crrow777

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