Air Force fighter pilot who was not there

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I don't usually have to set up with an explanation my videos but this is peculiar- different- wasn't easy to decide what visual method to use to show you what I myself experienced but it was one of the MAIN reasons-- I had about TEN altogether to NEVER stop trying to Locate the Proof of UFOs as Alien ships. That proof, if I find it...that would shut down the ufo cover-up created Long ago by the well-meaning but poorly Led soldiers who made serious mistakes, who never ended the cover-up Long ago & now are seen as a threat to the USA nation due to them being embedded in the govt of the USA Like some Blood-sucking tick from Hell...That I think makes my own view of the ufo cover-up (ufoC) people quite clear. From the very first months I began to see myself more as a crusader to end the coverup rather than just a well-meaning citizen who was pouring much of his free time into this, I knew the risks. I accepted the risks more as time went on because the more I learned, I was quite skilled in political science studies in college, the more I came to see it as a major issue. Who ever decided to pursue an investigation against the (ufoC) & those involved was taking on more than just the suggestion that public Libraries expand the section of ufos...It was all or nothing. Once you Learned some people. just innocent witnesses who saw something odd or innocent researchers who investigated the sightings ended up dead due to murder from ufoC agents you had to make a choice. It was an easy choice for me to make because I was highly trained. I wasn't afraid of the ufoC, in fact, would rehearse how I would react if they ever confronted me. It would be a war...ugly...not the reaction they were at use to...It never happened, the contact with ufoC and myself. Not Yet.
The Pilot was not even There is a very important event since it made my very much aware that a man who was committed, USAF trained Like me, & a pilot who was brave enough to enter the skies to take on any threat -- was more afraid of me, a researcher, or more afraid of the ufoC if they saw him with me. These enlightening realities made me re-think over and over what occurred with the pilot with the result that all that was said or seen was committed to my memory...most exclusively. With recalling what happened many times it dawned on me he was more afraid of the UFO Coverup criminals than going eye to eye at 25,000 ft with aliens from outer space !!! or dealing with Russian pilots...or even a flame-out problem with this jet which might mean a fatal crash !!! He did the interceptor pilot job for over 20 years. This was the TOP GUN movie type guy. And I had to watch him go from happy, nice, let me share some amazing info with you to a fearful in shock man who was getting intensely, unhealthy, as we discussed in a store Line what he should do with his hidden secret knowledge about the space Aliens being real and around Earth quite often.... -- DERRUFO
How film maker Stephen Spielberg has missed the idea of doing a true Life story on my work as a UFO Researcher I will never know...

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