'RadChick/Christina Consalo & Carolyn Baker' [Elzabeth Miller @ Boulder News]

This is an interview on WomynAir KGNU of Boulder, with Carolyn Baker and Christina Consalo (aka. RadChick) from November 2013. I never had a chance to upload it, and thought I would save it for something special. I think that time is now. I would strongly encourage you to listen to segment 2 from Carolyn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCFOY... (this is an alternative channel for my uploads when my main channel is being glitchy) Segment 1 is a primer for people who know very little about the Fukushima Accident -- those of you aquantined with my work will find it as a review. Segment 2 however is about dealing with the emotional aspect of this knowledge, as it can be mentally rough at times. Very rough. It's a must listen for all who are awake and aware. This upload is dedicated to Michael C. Ruppert ~RIP

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