FAIRY TAIL: The True Story of Fairies

From UFOTV Accept no imitations. (88 mins.) RECOMMENDED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The true story of Fairies has existed in legends from around the world for thousands of years. This movie explores all we know, both scientific and legendary, about the shamanic, mythical realm of Fairies. In the process, this movie takes us beyond the children's movie world of Disney and Tinker Bell, to reveal the ancient history of Fairies and the tremendous importance they represent in our culture as guardians of on DVD and on iTunes from UFOTV. Gateways to Faerie 2 DVD Collectors Edition. 168 mins. Cat.#U695, Visit us online: 2010-2014 Fairy Woodland & UFOTV, a UFO Video, Inc. Company. All rights reserved.

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