5/1/2014 -- Southern States TO BE HIT AGAIN -- Storm moves back west!

Please let everyone you know in the South , Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic states know. All the forecasts for the East coast to be hit hard tomorrow, also saying the South would clear ARE storm made a sudden turn back WEST last night / early this morning (April 30, 2014).Now going into May 1st, the storm is taking ANOTHER DRAW from the Southwest now. As we expected last night, the system is now pulling up new lines of potential severe weather from Mexico, across South Texas and the Gulf visible on the satellite feeds, the South WILL BE getting hit again with flooding rain, damaging winds, even some hail and possible tornadoes watch over an ADDITIONAL 2 days in the Southern US into South Midwest / Mid Atlantic to watch going forward into Friday:Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, North Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and even possibly public facebook page (do not have to be a FB member to view): to my website: to the main youtube channel: nights update for review: severe weather here:

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