Coded Narratives - LOST Series & Once Upon A Time Pt1

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Embedded across all forms of media, including the NEWS, a familiar story begins to emerge. It's basically the same story that's been told throughout history, over and over , another version. While most viewers will go about their day, never even realizing there is such a thing hidden within a television episode, movie, or news of us WILL catch on. But there are deeper ones, offer the ability to go even further down the proverbial rabbit-hole. In Part 1 of this series, we'll look at a few examples of how the media presents us with a few of these "seeds of truth"...which IF we're wise enough to pick up on, then the next step is whether or not we're curious enough to see where further conquests might lead. This is no better illustrated than by the series "LOST" , which became a television sensation around the world for its colorful casting and its dynamic sub-plots. One minute, the show is exploring the chaos experienced after a crash-landing on a seemingly deserted island and the next minute, the same characters are turned side-ways and upside-down in a flash-back of events that lead up to the crash. But what's so unique about LOST is the writer's-director's ability in making this show about so much more than just an entertaining hour, while we're all waiting to die. It's also a interactive guidethat probes the viewer to question the realm of our own own, personal experience of "crash-landing" on beautiful blue planet, seemingly "lost" in space. It poses the unasked question whether or not it's possible that there is a hidden hand or primed agenda behind the events which led to us being here. Perhaps this might have been a far flung notion, had it not been for future events that led to my own investigation. In March, 2014, a Boeing flight MH370 took off while in the South Pacific, from Malaysia and lost radio signal. This sparked an eerie coincidence between the fictional and nonfictional , since the plane has yet to be remains to be seen just how similar the stories will ultimately be. Many details initially reported were, in fact, too coincidental not to take note of. For example, both planes took off from the Asian Pacific, somewhere off the Australian planes were heading toward its destination when they suddenly veered off-course and lost radio scenarios involved mercenary men, employed by wealthy elites whose interests concerned either recovery of downed aircraft or cover-up of the aircraft's recovery (2 dead navy seals implies this to be a valid sync) one can only speculate that perhaps the theory does bare some merit but, for all we know, the fate of MH370 could very well be in another "plane" of existence. This, of course, it the point dimensions and mysterious inhabitants make one hell of a make an even better nonfictional drama! I'd say that'd be one Whale of a Tale!Interestingly enough, since LOST's long 6-season run ended in 2011, the same writers and directors began another long-awaited series, Once Upon a Time. It's a conglomeration of fictional fairy-tale characters (many of whom also starred in LOST) who fit into one, giant story. Like LOST, the characters are transported to another "plane" (Storybrook, Maine) after the Evil Queen, Re-gene-a, enacts a curse and strips them of memories their former world in the Enchanted Forest. It's becoming apparent that OUT is somewhat a continuation, of sorts, of the LOST series! Many of the same beloved actors have made their way onto the show and even more are expected to arrive in upcoming seasons. Not only we're also finding some of the same hidden treasures, from LOST, are now being featured in OUT episodes! For whatever reason, they're lending a new term to these treasures, calling them "Easter-eggs". Go figure! Anyway, the phenomenon has given rise to a new trend of "interactive media". So, don't be surprised if you see one of these "Easter Eggs" pop up with something like an Apollo-Bar in a car insurance read news reports about plane wreckage from flight MH370 emerging with a Oceania Airlines logo! We're standing on the edge of a new reality, which transcends the lines between fact and fiction. I can assure you of this 're only seeing the tip of the iceberg as it relates to blurred lines of reality and parallel planes of existence!Please rate, subscribe and, by all your comments! The magic-formula for decoding that which has been hidden, is to involve ourselves in an effort of teamwork!

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