Attack of the Superbugs! - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to -- the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: India's Election Is Biggest Voting Event In the World A Bigger-Than-Ever Reason to Watch India's Elections John Oliver Brilliantly Takes Down Media for Ignoring World's Biggest Election US Comedy Show Clip on Indian Elections Goes Viral Dynasty Vs Personality Cult: Gandhi Faces Off Against Modi Why Did Modi Choose an "Inauspicious Day" to File His Nomination? Raghuram Rajan's Job Safe If Narendra Modi Wins Election: BJP Treasurer India Turns to Russia to Help Supply Arms to Afghan Forces Flashback: India On the Brink Iraq's Election: Votes Amid Violence As Paul Bremer Wanted Them To Be IMF Board Approves 2-Year, $17 Billion Loan Package for Ukraine Story #2: Superbugs That Overpower Antibiotics Spreading WHO's First Global Report on Antibiotic Resistance Reveals Serious, Worldwide Threat to Public Health Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea Found In Japan Report Condemns Swine Flu Experts' Ties to Big Pharma Story #3: Is Porn Really So 'High Risk' That Porn Stars Shouldn't Have Bank Accounts? DOJ's 'Operation Choke Point' May Be Root of Porn Star Bank Account Closings #NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as "Trade Secrets" By Federal Regulator Dead Bankers Updates: Numbers 29 & 30 Cryptographers Lose Confidence in NIST Over Close Relationship With NSA Obama Admin Argues In Favor of Right to Fire Public Employees Who Testify at Corruption Trials 1,240 Scientists Demand Seralini GMO Study be Republished Assad Guilty? Syria Chemical Weapons: How the Telegraph Uncovered Their Findings Former Head of BIS Worried About Cost of QE UN Promotes WHO App to Track Kids' Vaccine Schedules #GoodNewsNextWeek Updates: Google Halts Student Gmail Advertisement Scans Florida Bans Biometrics in Schools Congressional Candidate's 2-State Solution: A 'New Israel' in Texas Alfredo Moser: Bottle Light Inventor Proud to Be Poor Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the #NewWorldNextWeek RSS feed or iTunes feed. Thank you. Previous Episode: No More Net Neutrality?

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