9/11 X-Files - The Lone Gunmen Pilot (Predictive Programming)

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From the X-files Spin-Off "The Lone Gunmen" first aired in March of 2001 just a few months before 9/11. FYI This is not proof in any form for a 9/11 conspiracy. If you want proof check the links in the description below:HARD CORE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE:Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying about Molten Steel: Lee Report on WTC Dust: Report Appendix C Metallurgical study on WTC 7: Plasma Cutter Patent Description: CORE CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE:Kevin Ryan's recent article on who had "Demolition access to the WTC Towers":Tenants: : : Up: Ryan's Paper "The Top Ten Connections between NIST and nanothermite": Ryan's Website: Archives of Stratasec's Website:*/"ZERO An Investigation into 9/11" Include the background and History of the Hijackers, and exposes them as patsies of covert intelligence with drug connections. A very thorough documentary film made by a Nobel Prize Winner:

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