The Debate: 'Obama praises Ukraine military ops' [Brent Budowsky & Rick Rozoff @ PressTV]

US President Barack Obama has expressed support for Ukraine’s military operation against pro-Russia protesters in the east of the country.

Ukraine has the right to "restore order" in the east of the country, Obama said in a statement on the crisis in Ukraine.

"As Ukrainian forces move to restore order in Eastern Ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these Russian-backed groups are not peaceful protesters," Obama said on Friday. "They are heavily armed militants that are receiving support from Russia."

The US president also repeated threats against Russia and said there would be mounting costs for Moscow if it does not deescalate the crisis.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has denounced the West for what it calls a destructive policy toward the crisis in Ukraine.

Moscow also urged the acting Kiev government to end its "punitive operation" in the east and south of the country.

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