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  • uploaded: May 5, 2014
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Afghanistan - March 2014 - A mysterious UFO destroyed Taliban camp, the scene was filmed by US more ufos and exclusive pictures, you can subscribe to our channel : our official Facebook page and talk about us : sightings 2013ufo sightings2013 ufo sightingsufo 2013ufogrouch 2013long crowing roosterlexus 450h 2013katt williamschupacabras 2013angel of darknessfuk youdespicable me songmermaidbaby animalsjawsthunderbirdstrange creatures 2013meteor passes earthanti gravity propelsionmars buildings 2012funny babiescool ice skatingla zeneidafinding bigfoottangled 2johnny riversdanity kane reunionjerusalem ufothermonuclear explosiondubstepboss 302funny pranksmayweather knockoutsalligator attackchannelinghairy mantangasdj blend mixdisclosure 2013asap rockyhockey hitschild birthhollywood reportertop 10 monsterssuper 51 documentarytornadoconspiracy theories2013 zombieilluminati 2013florida georgia linecrackleferrofluid2pac 2013abstract artcutting crewabcharlem shaketransformers full moviemeteor hits russia

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  • July 25, 2014 12:22:16 AM CEST

    This is not a TR3B - ITS a HOAX - BUSTED!

  • BBWulf#

    BBWulf May 6, 2014 11:43:23 AM CEST

    This is a TR3B, built in the good old USA.
    84 were built BUT without the consent of congress x president I'm a TRAITOR Clinton gave 82 of these to the UN without anyone in our govt's approval, this was done ILEGALLY at a cost of over 3 TRILLION TAX PAYERS DOLLARS.

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