WW3 UPDATE: Ukrainian Helicopter Shot Down In Slavyansk & Putins "Catch 22" Situaion

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Join my facebook page - the Kev Baker show every weeknight from 11pm-midnight in the UK, 7pm-8pm There was a shooting on the outskirts of Slavyansk as pro-government troops raided a protester checkpoint on least 10 self-defense fighters and their unarmed civilian supporters have been killed in the latest clashes, the commander of Slavyansk self-defense, Igor Strelkov, told RIA Novosti."We suffered losses -- about 10 people, including civilians, 20-25 people were injured. I do not know the losses of our adversaries; clearly they are smaller than ours, they have armor. Most of our losses came from plainclothes [troops], disguised as civilians. We fell into their ambush near a petrol station," Strelkov Ukrainian Interior Ministry said four of its troops were killed and some 30 others injured in Slavyansk during Monday's attack. There are also casualties among the civilian population of the city, the ministry Ukrainian army helicopter was downed by heavy machine gun fire and crashed into a river in the Slavyansk area, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry press service has said in a statement. The aircraft, identified as Mi-24 helicopter, was hit at 14:30 local time (11:30 GMT) while doing a target run during a combat mission, the statement said. The pilots survived the crash and have been evacuated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Kev Baker Show see's popular Youtuber TruthTube451 take to the microphone for this his all new project. Kev, joined by friends John "Whistler" Sinclair & DJsNorthWest, they are, like the listeners, on a quest for veritas in these dark times, and Kev invites everyone to join him on his nightly show to take a look at the real news behind the main stream snooze. From the NWO to the Announaki, Space To The Occult & of course the Exposure of all the Luciferiens FALSE FLAGGERY AND BALLBAGGERY, no stone will ever be left unturned on Scotlands newest Music by Fractal my facebook page -

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