Amazon unveils video-streaming set-top box BREAKING NEWS - 3 APRIL 2014

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Amazon unveils video-streaming set-top box BREAKING NEWS - 3 APRIL 2014 For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines SUBSCRIBE to The device will compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast and is part of the retailer's broader strategy to become an entertainment has changed the way people read and shop, and now it wants to become an even bigger influence on the way they watch TV and world's largest e-commerce company on Wednesday unveiled Fire TV, an Internet video-streaming set-top box that plugs into an HDTV and will compete against the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Google 's Amazon's latest move in a broad strategy to become an entertainment juggernaut, which includes streaming content through its Amazon Instant Video service and pumping out original programming via Amazon Studios, its in-house production arm. Adding a set-top television box to the mix will bolster those efforts, furthering its reach into consumers' 's also a nod to the lasting importance of TVs. Despite much talk about consumers rapidly shifting their viewing habits to smartphones and tablets, the television continues to be the device of average American spent a whopping 185 hours in front of the TVs in December, compared with 34 hours and 21 minutes on mobile devices which includes activities such as checking social media and playing games, according to a February report by books and online shopping, in which Amazon clearly dominates, it faces a crowded market when it comes to video streaming and Securities analyst Michael Pachter said he was underwhelmed by the Fire TV, calling the box a me-too device with pricing similar to rival products. The retail price of Fire TV is $99, the same as Apple TV. Roku 3 sells for $ said Fire TV's hardware was unimpressive and noted that Amazon missed an opportunity to release a highly differentiated don't see this as helping them in any way, he breaking news, bbc, bbc football, bbc iplayer, bbc news, bbc news america, bbc persian, bbc sport, bbc weather, bbc world news, breaking celebrity news, breaking election news, breaking late news, breaking local news, breaking music news, breaking news, breaking news alerts, breaking news canada, breaking news headlines, breaking news in atlanta, breaking news in nigeria, breaking news india, breaking news pensacola florida, breaking news plane crash, breaking news story, breaking sports news, business expensive news home media world, christian world news, cnn, cnn breaking news, cnn money, cnn news, cnn news breaking news, cnn news world, detroit breaking news, global news, headline, headline news, health care technology news, hot latest global news, internet technology news, las vegas breaking news, latest breaking news, latest celebrity news, latest information technology news, latest music news, latest news, latest news headlines, latest news update, latest sports news, live breaking news, local breaking news, local news today, msn breaking news, nbc breaking news, nbc world news, news of the world, news report us world, news today news, news updated daily, solar technology news, sports news today, technology news, the latest news, today news, us news and world, us news and world report, us news and world report magazine, us news and world report web site, us news world report, world news, world news daily, world news headlines

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