06-May-2014 Clif High IDIR, Pie and Revolution, GUS War, Loyalty, Winds, AG vs. AU, Temporal Markers

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Recording Date (start): Wednesday, 06-May-2014, 06:45 AM Pacific Coast of North America TimeYouTube Release Date: 06-May-2014Runtime: 00h 21m ()Topics Discussed:(IDIR) Intermediacy Data Intelligence ReportPie and Revolution Silver Price Leads Gold GUS (Government of US) War Mutinies Within GUS GUS Loyalty Tests & Infighting Upcoming Temporal Markers Military Response to Winds Weather Wars (Tornados, Hurricanes)Visit Clif High's Website: 's Note: This is a rebroadcast of Clif's IDIR report from where it was originally posted to his YouTube Channel located here: the link below to go to Clif's YouTube Channel and then click the red Subscribe button and subscribe to his channel. give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to my YouTube channel (ehyeshua), and visit Clif's website.

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