PART 1 - Gilford NH Parent arrested for violating 2-minute speaking rule at school board meeting

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on May 7, 2014
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William Baer was arrested at the Gilford NH School Board meeting on 5/5/2014 for violating the 2-minute speaking rule imposed by board chairman Sue Allen. Allen restricted each speaker to a strict 2 minutes, statement format(no questions or answers), and only one speaking opportunity per person. When William Baer violated this "rule," Allen declared him "out of order" and had him arrested and removed. Baer was voicing his disgust with the Gilford High School's required reading of what he considered an age-inappropriate book for his 14-year old daughter, "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodie Picault. The book depicts textually pornographic details of an "encounter" between 2 minors. Many have characterized the scene depicted on Page 313 as a rape scene because the girl rescinded "consent."

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