Ancient Ruins On Moon Vs Ancient Ruins In Egypt

Thank you to Maurice Van Veen for creating the main image that I use here. This is from the Lunar Orbiter Mission and totally amazing. Please join us on facebook by clicking the link below to join Maurice's facebook group as well as comment here and let everyone know what you think!NASA IMAGE: LINK: LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE on FACEBOOK, TWITTER & THE REST :) Much love to you all! "I see what I see, You see what you " - MeUFO photo's you took? NASA photo's from Mars? Anything you have I am willing to take a look at! Request that I review a picture or send me a video tip by emailing me at will@ and sending me what you have along with the links! Also check me out online at: - Anomaly - Personal - My Facebook - Scholarship for - My Channel - Energy Field Information Network (WhatsUpInTheSky)

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