Russian air traffic officials claim the existence of UFOs captured in the radar.

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DON'T FORGET FOR SUBSCRIBE Read this first before commentUntil now there is no valid evidence about the existence of extraterrestrials or aliens. Moreover, that landed on Earth. Although experts often explain this matter scientifically, many people doubted the existence of this claims about the existence of aliens that come from the Siberian coast. Air traffic control officer in the area of Yakutsk, Russia, claiming to hear the hum of UFOs (unidentified flying object) and the sound of the alleged alien , women's voices are not like humans much. His voice sounds exactly like a published the Daily Mail, Wednesday, March 2, 2011, initially, a mysterious object suddenly into the air above the radar monitors the Yakutsk region. From radar records note that the object was flying at speeds over 6,000 mph and quickly change direction in the morning suspected UFO was recorded at an altitude of 64,895 feet above sea level and could interfere with flight the recording uploaded to the YouTube site, there was a flight controllers tried to make contact with the , the recording is also visible, radar showed the UFO was moving quickly in the air, when the aircraft moves around more slowly."I heard a female voice, she kept saying 'Miaw Miaw ..'," said the official, speaking across the Aeroflot pilot, as heard in the Russian-language , communications officer with the Russian planes allegedly lost due to interference from the that incident, automatic air control officer called the UFO as '00000 'because she did not have the flight record is uploaded to YouTube, but it is still not clear when the images in the footage was taken. Airfields footage does not show the presence of snow. Yet eight months of the year Yakutsk snow, with temperatures at night to minus 36 degrees has been no official explanation about this incident from the airport. Meanwhile, some experts claim, it is common knowledge that UFOs have made contacts and even landed on Earth, but details not revealed to the public.

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